Perks of Aurora on Etsy

Isnt this pretty much the coolest mug ever? Well, to me it is! This was gifted to me by one of my friends for my birthday and i absolutely love it! Love it enough to blog about it. haha. On my mug is an illustration of SNL's Gilly who is played by Kristen Wigg. Gilly is one of my favorite characters and the skits are hilarious. I especially loved when you would hear "Gillyyyyyy" from Will Forte (who is no longer an SNL cast anymore, *tear*).
Found out from my friend that this mug was from an Etsy shop called "Perks of Aurora" - also found out that this artist came up with a ton of other brilliant mugs! Including Stefon (from SNL, played by Bill Hader), Arrested Development mugs; like this "Never Nude" one and they also sell cards. How awesome are they? Please go check out the work of Chelsea Hamasaki at Perks of Aurora.


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