Happy 13th Birthday to my niece

 My niece turned 13 today! oh my word. I cant believe it, shes so grown! Time flies so quick and it really makes you think to savor all the time you have with your loved ones. For her birthday dinner she decided to go to Spaghetti Factory. I swear the only time i go to the Old Spaghetti Factory is for my nieces or nephews birthday. haha. Seems to be the popular choice for them. I think my favorite part about that restaurant is the ice cream at the end (insert smiley face with heart eyes emoji)! I always get Spumoni! mmmmm. We had a great dinner! i gave her a card with a little coupon saying "this coupon entitles you to: a trip to yogurtland and a movie (your choice)" haha she liked it :) hopefully i will get to take her soon :)

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