Dave Franco (Jack), Isla Fisher (Henley), Woody Harrelson (Merrit) & Jesse Eisenberg (J. Daniel) in Now You See Me
Yesturday i got to watch "Now You See Me"! I have been wanting to watch it since i first saw the previews. it looked so entertaining and well.. Dave Franco. Nuff said. haha. If you havent heard of the film, click here and see what its all about. First off, GREAT cast! I loved every character. Jesse Eisenberg fit his character so very well. Ive always been very intrigued by him and the way he talks. Very attractive. Well, second, the movie is about magic and illusions and i wont say more than that. haha. Third, if you love movies that are very entertaining and keeps you guessing, watch it! I honestly loved it & i do recommend it.


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  1. I watched this movie last June and I'm really fascinated with the story. Honestly, I'm not fond of watching movies, but i really enjoyed this one. I hope to watch other movies that has the same plot. :D oh well, i hope they can have part 2! :)

    -- Ayin