Adorable Pinterest Favorites

If anyone can tell me the name of these flowers, id love you forever.
I saw this picture on pinterest a while back but it didnt have the name of the flowers.
This has got to be one of the most cutest things ever.
definitely doing this at my wedding some day or simply at a party!

My favorite colors together are rosey-pink/brown colors with gold! I LOVE IT! This picture i found off pinterest caught my eyes immediatly. Such a usefull picture for the color palette! I especially love the macarons (im a sucker for those)! :)
my ideal wedding ceremony is a tie between an old school carnival setting or a picnic type setting with a big inflatable (sp?) screen playing mine (and my future husbands) favorite films. or maybe even both? haha. anyways, i found this picture on Pinterest as well and its just simply perfect.
my ideal cake would be a Disney type of cake! haha or somethine nice - yet playful! BUT i dont mind having something very simple like this cake above. Pink and gold - FTW.
I had saved a photo of an UP cake i saw while back on my phone. But now i cant find it!
I claimed it as my wedding cake or birthday cake since im not getting married anytime soon, haha.
I found this photo on Pinterest, an UP party. This is adorable and the cake im talking about is sitting right there on that table!
pretty pastels always catch my attention!! and this photo is just lovely!
a mint green bridesmaids dress and gorgeous flowers! i die!
and last but not least, another favorite: music sheets holding the confetti. I mean, really? This, im stealing for sure!

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