girly Pegg's

Of course I would do another Cornetto drawing. I was having fun last night with time to myself drawing away. I did a bunch of drawings while reading at the same time (not exactly at the same time but on tiny little breaks) and it was just grand having some time to just relax and not have any work to do (which is usually nice but getting to draw my own thing is much more fun). one of the drawings I did was an inspired piece by the Dole Whipettes (cc. @dolewhipettes on Instagram) you can see the drawing on their IG :)
So right before bed time I had the urge to whip up yet another Cornetto drawing and I think this has become one of my favorites. I made Simon Pegg's Cornetto characters into girls! haha. next, I would like to do Nick Frost' characters :) I think what made me draw his characters as girls was the fact that I really do have a hard time drawing guys. haha. So I gave up and decided.. hey, why not! :)

hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday so far!

Rosa Clementine