martian girls

I rarely share my pencil drawings so I thought id post one. As you all know I have changed the name of my blog, well I also changed the name of my etsy shop from Rosalyn's Pretty Things to The Martian Maitland. The reason why is that I already have my main shop Pretty Clementine (which features all kinds of illustrations) but have been wanting to start a new project. As an illustrator and a dreamer of becoming an animator I have been wanting to start up a series. This series will be drawings of Alien girls, also known as Martian Girls. my idea of it is fun, geeky and girly. I grew fond of Aliens for years and years and have sketched up a few drawings of them in the past but now im ready to take it further. Im creating these Martian Girls in such a fun and sweet way. above are some sketches of them with hints of desserts (I got to add desserts into my pieces haha) and then theres a Martian girl from the 1920's. These are just ideas of what im wanting to whip up for my new shop. They will be Martians with different themes.
im looking to create buttons, maybe hand-painted brooches, portrait paintings of them and prints (basically like my Pretty Clementine shop but all Alien themed). The shop wont be open until maybe December or January but I might add a few things to see how it goes.
what are your thoughts about my Martian Girls?

Rosa Clementine


  1. I love it! Such a neat idea to have everything all themed like that. I really love the donut collar!

  2. Oh man you have to make some prints of martian girls. So cute!!!!