youve got red on you

Shaun of the Dead is one of my most favorite films, ever. I knew at the beginning of the year that I wanted to be Shaun Riley for Halloween! But.. of course.. I waited until the night before and the morning of Halloween to put my costume together. haha. I mean, not that it was hard. but I was extremely exhausted from my trip to LA and really only had about 2-3 hours Wednesday night to go to 4 different stores and put everything together. the outfit was good and ready to go but by the time I finished I became even more tired. So I didn't get to create my Foree Electric badge AND make a cricket bat :( So I woke up a little earlier than usual and created my badge on Illustrator, printed it at work and put it together by taping it onto a piece of cardboard and attaching a pin to the back.
I went to work dressed as Shaun but no one really knew who I was. haha. I actually didn't put my tie on till later so maybe people thought I was just dressed in white shirt with red ink leaking. Actually, when I went to Wallmart on my lunch to get my tie, a man had stopped me and said "excuse me Ma'am, your pen is leaking" haha. I giggled and said that it was meant to look like that but thank you! haha he laughed.
at night I got to put some blood on my shirt! YAY! haha. not as much as I really wanted to since I was hugging and carrying the baby. If I wear this costume again I want to add more blood and definitely have a cricket bat this time. haha. im thinking of being Shaun again for Cosplay at Comic Con! This Halloween I stayed with my family and went trick or treating with my niece and nephew. it was a lot of fun. cold but still fun.
 I think this costume is one of my most favorites (a close tie to the one time I was Frodo), even though it was simple this costume was more than just a costume. it represents my love for the movie itself, the Cornetto Trilogy, being an Edgar Wright fan and being in love with Simon Pegg (haha). I think next year i miiiight be Gary King from The worlds End. maybe. i would love to be one of the Marmalade Sandwich girls if i had two friends that would like to join in! haha. We'll see!

shirt - wallmart / tie - wallmart / badge - handmade / blood - party city

Hope you guys had a great Halloween!! :)
Happy Friday!


  1. I LOVE Shaun of the Dead! Definitely the best zombie movie ever. Great costume!