Friday faves : geek love

geek love

Happy Friday!! ive put together a bunch of awesome geek like things I have been wanting!!
  Scrolling through Forever 21's website (finding clothes for Hawaii hehe) I stumbled upon THIS awesome Simpsons sweater. OMG. as a long time fan.. I just gotta have it!
 Yummy You! scarf by Twinkie Chan on Modcloth! whaaaaa?? I would say this is more in the ADORABLEY CUTE than geeky category though. such a fan of hers!
♥  Mermaid bookends! Mermaids! Books! Double amazing! I go kinda nuts seeing awesome bookends like this! My most favorite(s) though? the Star Wars ones!
  now if only they had Scotty! haha but these Star Trek salt and pepper shakers are on my list for my future home! I need these!
♥  Shakespeare and Star Wars.. now that's my kind of combo. I have a Star wars collection and a small collection of Shakespeare books and I would love to add this William Shakespeare's Star Wars book! This is actually A MUST HAVE!
♥  This duvet cover is pretty pricey for me and if any of you find something similar & cheap please let me know! I love this so much!
♥  When I saw this Clock I immediately thought of Peter Pan! I want this in my home!
  So im kind of getting tired of unplugging and plugging the different USB cords to my computer when im working.. I should probably consider purchasing a USB hub! I found this Cloud USB Hub that I am thinking of getting soon!
hmmmm, I would say this is probably my Christmas wish list ;) haha.
this and money for Disneyland! =P
Have a great weekend!
Rosa Clementine


  1. oh man, LOVE those salt and pepper shakers. I guess I have another thing to add to my ever growing modcloth wish list :)

    1. haha! right!? so bummed theyre out of stock =/

  2. I am obsessed with Twinkie Chan. I have an icecream scoop hairclip and a cupcake beanie by her. I am saving up for the scarf as we speak.

    1. lucky!! im wanting a scarf so bad! haha shes pretty awesome!