hand painted brooches

if you are following me on Instagram, youve probably seen some of these. Ive been having fun painting brooches! These will be added to my shop sometime tonight or tomorrow. Starting with the first picture, i painted little cats on a small heart shape. I also painted desserts: donut, ice cream, cupcakes and macarons. third, the girl brooches were inspired by Disney princesses: Snow White, Belle, Ariel & Merida. fourth, are more girl characters i created. 
Happy Labor Day!
today will be filled with coffee, movies, painting & hopefully getting to watch James Francos Roast.


  1. Those are soooo stinkin' cute! I can't even pick a favorite, they're all great!

  2. Are you going to be selling these? I love them so much. I want to buy taht ice cream one.

    1. thank you! yes I will! I will be updating my shop in a few minutes :)

  3. super cute i love the dessert themed brooches you capture so much detail in such a tiny space :)