a confession

ive dealt with so much insecurities since I was younger. too tall, chubby, thick eyebrows, broad shoulders, big feet, pimples, frizzy hair, the list goes on. High school is when I actually began to accept myself. There so many people taller than me, even girls! I tweezed my brows, lost a little weight, I learned to love my hair and people really didn't care so much on how I looked. Everyone looked different and that was the beauty of it. I felt good about myself, mostly because I was myself :) I dealt with insecurities from time to time but for the most part, I was happy with myself. Until a year ago. a year ago for some odd reason all of my confidence dropped. I hate photos of myself! I don't like when people take pictures of me and the only time I do is if im making a silly/ugly face or its me taking them myself, because.. well, I get to add the filters I want to make myself look decent. I don't know if its because im getting older but I haven't been happy with how I look lately. I gained weight (I started working out in Feb but haven't been able to go since July because work as been crazy busy), my hair got shorter (so many split ends) and my face has been breaking out like crazy. Not to mention there has been people in my life who have actually made me feel like im the ugliest person on earth (fyi: i don't associate with them anymore). Ive learned through all this to just make the best out of it, i should be happy with myself regardless of what others say. Yes, I still feel insecure sometimes but it helps to follow such amazing bloggers (KateCazz, MichelleEM, Marlyn and Bee) who actually gives me a bit of confidence. Sure, maybe I should give myself confidence but to be honest these ladies are inspiring. they are all beautiful in their own way!  I RARELY post photos of myself on IG or here on my blog (when i do, its usually half my face or not my face at all) but maybe that will change (maybe photos of me once in a while but not all the time haha. the photo above is a start). Lately, ive felt pretty good about myself. ive been wearing my favorite mascara, putting outfits together and figuring out what brooch to wear next! Sometimes, that's really all it takes to get a boost of confidence. Im doing my best to feel more good about myself! ill make that a goal!

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  2. i know where you are coming from and i think that's a great goal, I think making your own accessories is a fun way to express your creativity and confidence :)

  3. Dude, ok so... I'm just going to say this... I have a girl crush of you. Honestly. You are so talented and strikingly beautiful. I'd kill to look as feminine as you. Please don't ever feel bad about yourself. You are a perfect you. We all have things that we think should be changed, but honestly you really are the most rad you ever :)