Everyday Cosplay: Lexi Branson (TVD)

one of my favorite things to do is to look up "everyday cosplays" of different characters (im constantly pinning them). if you have not seen The Nerdy Girlies list of Cosplay's shes done, go look now! shes my inspiration for this post! i have been wanting to do some "everyday" outfits on here but havent really taken the time to search around. i want to make it a regular post on here with different series.

My first series: The Vampire Diaries. i mean, being a huge TVD fan i had to start off with it! :) and my first TVD-er also has to be my favorite character on the show: Lexi! It still makes me sad that she was killed off so soon but she did make tiny appearances after her death! I still wish she was still around though! Her character was so bold, strong and loyal.
For this outfit, i stepped into my inner Lexi! Which means all black everything with hints of silver! oh and i cant forget the black cherry lipstick! ;)

for info/prices on the outfit, check out my Polyvore.

p.s. i am still Team Stelena! ;)


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