Birthday Weekend

its friday! yay! also, its exactly one month since my birthday, so i decided to share photos from my birthday weekend trip. last month i went to Disneyland for my birthday weekend. it was so much fun! i took my nephew with me, which was 10 times better. my favorite people in the world are my nieces and nephew! i was bummed that my oldest niece could not come with but was still stoked that my nephew was able to go. as for my youngest niece, well shes only one so i couldnt bring her. haha. overall the trip was a blast! my nephew and i had such a great time.. the car ride and all! the only downfall was me driving the entire time. i was completely exhausted. haha. next time i will at least have another adult with me so we can switch off.
we left on a friday, around 5pm or so. we decided to make a trip to San Luis Obispo where my cousin lives and crash there for the night. ive never been to SLO and i completely fell in love with it! my cousin took us to a BBQ joint and it was really delicious. im still craving that corn bread pie thingy. i really dont remember what it was called exactly. but it was good! haha. My cousin then took my nephew and i on a tour at the auto shop he works at.
one of the first things we did when we arrived was get a Dole Whip. well... actually the first thing i did. haha. we went to go ride Indiana Jones, which was actually closed at the time :( the one ride my nephew and i could not stop talking about on our way there.. was closed. not to mention that the last time my nephew was at Disneyland, he was too short to ride it. it was a huge bummer. anyways, back to the Dole Whip. Walking back to Tomorrowland, i seen that there was no line to get a Dole Whip.. so i took it as a sign and got my very first float! man, it was amazing. Another thing that i HAD to do, was get a photo with Captain America. SUCCEEDED! Hes not the real Cap but good enough!
for lunch, i told my nephew he could choose anything on the park map. he chose the Village Haus in Fantasyland. Great choice! My favorite Disney character is Pinocchio (and Roger Rabbit. hehe) so i was super excited about eating there. The food was delicious. my nephew got pizza and i got a burger. neither one of us complained, we were satisfied! We got to ride a bunch of rides but not much of the big ones. i think for me, i was looking forward mostly to Indiana and i was just so bummed about it. We rode a lot of the rides in Fantasyland (which i never really get to do when i go with my friends), Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear and i think we rode Star Tours twice. haha. Cant remember much else but we both had a great time!
for dinner we shared a turkey leg while we watched the Fireworks. it was grand!! not only was it such an awesome birthday present to myself, i loved seeing my nephews face and his excitement throughout the entire day! so worth it! i must also mention that Its A Small World finally opened. Every time i went to Disneyland the ride was always closed. i didnt realized how much i loved the ride. i was so happy and stunned by the designs in the ride. even my 9 year old nephew (who is such a boy) loved the ride. haha. we couldnt stop talking about it.
the next morning we made our way back home. but of course, we had to stop at SLO one last time. We had lunch this time with my cousin at Splash Cafe (i kinda prefer the one in Pismo better, shhhh) but it was still good! haha. he gave us a little tour around downtown and i finally got to see the gum wall. i thought id be more excited about it when i saw it but i was more disgusted. haha. i didnt even walk through it. >.< haha. i also finally got my Peets coffee (vanilla cappuccino with a bit of whip cream and sprinkle of cinnamon - its such a dream!). the entire trip i was only able to get Starbucks (its every where and its much harder to find a Peets) but when youre like me and have been drinking only Peets coffee for over a year straight, Starbucks doesnt even compare =/ i couldnt even finish my drink. i hate being picky. haha. but its coffee!

So, that was my birthday trip! i want to go back so bad but im not sure when that will be.
hoping 24/hr weekend! but we'll see! I was feeling a bit down about my birthday (im really dreading getting older) but it turned out to be one of the best! After that weekend, i had a birthday dinner two days after. i couldnt believe how many of my friends showed up! 30+! im still shocked about it. haha. our table was completely full at the Old Spaghetti Factory :)
After dinner, a few of us went out for drinks while we watched the SF Giants play. they won, by the way!
We stayed until it was midnight (my actual birthday) and they sang and we drank!
it was the best!!!

oh and by the way, if you were curious, im 27.

Rosa De Los Reyes


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It looks like you had the most magical day!!!! I'm so jealous.

    1. thank you! :)) it was definitely magical!!! <3

  2. Wow Disney would be an awesome way to celebrate a birthday!! Looks like you had a lot of fun :)