Days of Future Past

Ive been a long time X-Men fan since i was little. X-Men comics were probably the first comics i ever picked up. Which probably explains my love for Storm! I could honestly watch all the X-Men films over and over and not get tired of them. Theyre those "feel good" movies for me. haha. Like, do you ever just put on a movie, sit back and it makes you feel comfortable? haha. Am i weird? But anyways X-Men films fit into that category for me. Though, in my opinion they do have some flaws. like the casting for Storm and Rogue. in my opinion, i think both were way off. Both characters, to me, are these extremely strong women. but they come off a little too soft in the movie =/ uh well. haha. 

Lets talk about Days of Future Past! I was so excited to watch this film and it did not disappoint me. You're constantly surprised, laughing and just straight up full of emotions. haha. What separates this X-Men film from the rest is how deep it was. You're watching the relationship between Erik and Xavier and i think that was something everyone wanted to know. brilliant! Personally, as much id love to see the action i also like knowing the deeper parts of characters. This film (and First Class) were films i enjoyed.

The movie takes place in both future and past. I was talking to someone recently who hasnt seen it and was confused at the title itself haha "i dont even know what its about? is it in the future or past?" im like "just watch it!" :) How do i give a story without giving anything away? Hm, ill try my best! the movie starts off in the future. Pretty much everything gone wrong after something that happened in the past. to fix that problem? Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) sends Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) back to the 1970's to find Erik and Xavier in helping him stop Mystique from making the biggest mistake they would endure in the future.

I think Michael Fassbender as Magneto is one of the best castings. i swear im not being biased. haha. Fassy is such an amazing actor. Hes really good at being the bad guy and thats why i love him as Magneto. As much i love Storm, she hasnt done it for me in the X-Men films. Id have to say my favorites from the all of the X-Men films are Magneto, Night Crawler and....

Pietro Maximoff! aka Quicksilver! If you have seen Days of Future Past you might feel me on this one! Adding Quicksilver was the ultimate plus in the film. Im so happy they finally added him and i heard that he will be in the next X-Men film "Apocalypse". YES! and will also appear in the new Avengers film (as a different actor). I heard that theres this whole thing about people complaining about Quicksilver's get up? i didnt have a problem with it. I mean, hes a kid so they made him look like one. haha. I must admit though, Aaron Taylor-Johnson in his Quicksilver get up in the next Avengers film looks more like the character than in X-Men but uh well. Overall this film was one of the best X-Men films ive seen! and can we all agree that Hugh Jackman was made to play Wolverine!? I swear, hes just perfect for that role!

This Saturday ill be going to the SF Giants game and guess what!? It so happens to be Heroes and Comics night! Im thinking of doing an Everyday Cosplay of either Quicksilver or Magneto! im so excited! First i got to see John Lasseter throw the first pitch and now STAN LEE! i better get there early! haha :)

Im still crushing over this movie and i have yet to watch it again! who wants to come with!? haha.
If youve seen it, what do you think of it? did you like it?

movie: X-Men Days of Future Past 
directed by: Bryan Singer 
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, James Mcavoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Ian Mckellen, Patrick Stewart, Nicholas Holt + more. 
rated: PG-13 
recommend: yes! 
rating: worth a full price ticket & see it twice!



  1. I loved the movie so much. Quicksilver was awesome. I got super sad he wasn't in more of the film. :(

    1. i absolutely agree! when my friend and i walked out after the movie, the first thing we said was.. i wish he was in it more! =/

  2. i want to see this movie so badly!!! I'm glad to hear that you liked it, and i have heard a lot of other positive reviews (: