heres a film ive seen so many times, it isnt new, but i wanted to introduce you to it in case you have not heard of it! Grind (2003) is one of my absolute go-to comedy films and it brings me back to my high school days where my girlfriends and i would watch it over over and just die laughing. This movie has gotten so many bad reviews, i mean, i cant blame them. it isnt your typical Oscar film BUT if you enjoy the skateboarding scene and just down right dumb-funny with well-known actors of today.. you might like this movie. i would say it belongs in the Cult films category.

growing up around the Santa Cruz area i was always surrounded by the skateboard scene. id watch it, sometimes ride, play Tony Hawks Pro Skater (my favorite video game, ever) and study my favorite pro-skaters. so this film wasn't hard for me to like!

the film is about four guys following their dreams in becoming pro skaters. when they find out one of their favorite pros has a demo tour in town and they follow it and thats where their adventure begins! the films lead characters are Mike Vogel (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) as Eric Rivers/the dreamer, Vince Vieluf (Rat Race) as Matt Jensen/the funny, Adam Brody (The O.C.) as Dustin Knight/the brains and Joey Kern (The Sasquatch Gang) as Sweet Lou/the sexy. the film also stars Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time) as Jamie, the leading lady. Not only that but what got me so much more excited about the film was seeing all the pro skaters. Chad Fernandez, Bam Margara, Ryan Sheckler, Bucky Lasek (my fave) and Bob Burnquist. You will also notice a couple more famous folks, like Jackass stars. haha.

as incredibly cheesy this movie is its in my book of favorite films! what can i say, im easily entertained!

movie: Grind 
directed by: Casey La Scala  
starring: Adam Brody, Mike Vogel, Joe Kern, Vinve Vieluf, Jennifer Morrison.  
rated: PG-13  
recommend: only if youre easily entertained - dont expect it to be Oscar rated. 
rating: worth a rental.



  1. I have not seen this film in years. Such a rad cast!! I cant wait to watch it again.

    1. yes! rad cast! its definitely one of the funniest movies ive ever seen! haha

  2. I love this movie! I still put it on every few months. The case for my copy is so battered from years of moving and constantly watching it in high school. No matter how many times I watch it, it's always hilarious.

    1. haha! my dvd is pretty jacked up too.. i love this movie! i could probably recite every line in the film! so good!

  3. I have seriously seen this movie a gazillion times!! LOVE IT!