Everyday Magneto

So today is suppose to be Animation/Artist Talk Tuesday and i had something planned but sometimes plans dont follow through. haha. Ill have to post it next Tuesday instead. Since i dont have much planned for today and since im currently doing a Vampire Diaries edition for Everyday Cosplays on Wednesdays.. i figured id share the Everyday outfit ill be wearing this Saturday. In my last post i talked about Days of Future Past and also mentioned that this Saturday is Heroes and Comics night at the San Francisco Giants game (i get to see Stan Lee.. OMG)! My decision is final and ive decided to go as....

I chose Magneto, i mean not only for my love of Fassy, but because Magneto is the shiznit annnnnd i love the pops of color! Red and Purple are two colors i dont wear a lot. i love wearing black. haha. So i figured this would be a lot more fun to try out. I already have three out of the outfit. the ring, lipstick and boots. yay! all i need is to purchase the dress and i think i may have a purple cardigan lying around somewhere. And if that dress doesnt fit me (sometimes Forever 21 Large's dont fit perfectly *sad faced*) my alternate would be a red shirt and black pants. oh! i will also be wearing...

These brooches i made last night! I had this vision in my head of creating these and they came out exactly how i saw it. I had some heart shaped wood pieces lying around and i was planning to use them for my shop but i thought it would be a perfect fit for this particular DIY. I will probably post how i did them on Thursday, in case you wanted to make your own! :) yay!

Im not very photogenic but i will try my best to take pictures of my outfit on Saturday :)


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