DIY: Fan-girl brooches

Heres my little DIY tutorial on the Magneto brooches i made! I really hope you guys make some of your own because i would love to see them! Before i begin, please excuse the bad lighting and my disgustingly chipped nails. haha. This is an easy DIY with 10 steps! enjoy..
e6000 glue
heart wooden piece(s) (or any size of your desire)
a pencil
mod podge (Michaels)
bar pins
paint brush
x-acto knife
cutting mat 
1. choose your picture(s)! i found Fassy photos i liked, scaled them to smaller sizes and printed them out onto basic white paper.
2. grab a wooden piece and find that exact part of the photo you want. (tip: trace from the back. i used light to measure exactly where i want to cut).
3. after you have found it, trace it!
4. after you have traced it, brush on Mod Podge to the wooden piece.
5. carefully place on to the traced area of the photo (from the back).
6. smooth out the image onto the wooden piece.
7. use x-acto knife to cut around the wooden shape. if you dont have a cutting mat, you can use a piece of cardboard.
8. it should look like this!
9. once you've cut off the excess, brush on Mod Podge over the image to seal it. let dry for about 10 minutes.
10. after it has dried a little, turn it over and add a drop of E6000 glue then attach bar pin! let the glue dry for at least 24/hrs before using your brooch :)
TADA!! these were so much fun to make! :) im currently making more for my friends and i. if you end up making your own, please let me know in the comments so i can see! This particular project would be so much fun for a Girl's Night In party with any movie involving Fassy, Hiddles, Pegg or really any man you fancy! ;)



  1. Rad tutorial dude. I think the brooch looks even prettier because of the pretty man on it. (hehehe)

    1. thank you, Cazz! haha yes.. totally agree ;)