Wilfred Week : Everyday Cosplay

Here's my everyday cosplay outfit for Wilfie! I made this one pretty simple. theres really not much to Wilfred other than his dog suit and bong! haha. i wish i had this whole outfit! i would totally wear it haha. can you believe the premiere is tomorrow? YAY! i also added my Wilfred and Bear pins to the outfit ;) how could i not! its so fitting!



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE, was just marathoning it today!! Wish I could run into them now that I am near Venice! xo

    1. THANK YOU!! <3
      i was always so bummmmmmed every time they filmed over there cause they'd be so easily spotted when filming :( i wanna meet them so badly! hahah.

  2. I love Wilfred!! I always watch it when I visit my best friend. :) Hahah
    I'd have to say that my favorite piece from that outfit are the acid-washed shorts.<3


  3. 1. I LOVE THIS SHOW! I binged it on netflix late last year! So funny. It made me like Elijah Wood a lot more.

    2. The whole concept of your everyday cosplays I love. I love having each outfit I wear have a "feel" or a "theme" without being a costume. I don't want people to completely discount me before they get to know me. For this reason I love these everyday cosplays because they are super fun yet accessible!