Wilfred Week : Season 3

this week im dedicated every post to Wilfred! why? because season 4/final season is THIS Wednesday and i am a HUGE Wilfie fan!

Today im going to do a tiny recap of season 3! which, by the way, is finally on Netflix. i missed every episode after episode 8 and it was killing me that i hadnt watch them. i kept looking on Netflix to see if its been added but of course they'd add it a week before season 4. haha. Thank you David Zuckerman for tweeting it! i have this bittersweet feeling about the final season. i love that season 4 is finally here but im really bummed that its the last. *tears*

IF you have not seen Wilfred, its about a depressed man named Ryan Newman (Elijah Wood) who sees a man in a dog suit, Wilfred (Jason Gann), when everyone else sees him as an actual dog. the show revolves around their relationship together and the question of who or what Wilfred actual is.

some spoilers are about to take place (skip this part if you havent seen season 3)
in season 3 we find out where Wilfred was first owned, that Kristen was the one who drew Wilfred in "Ryans" childhood drawing, we finally see Ryan's Dad (but sadly, dies), we also finally see Ryan and Jenna kiss and at the end of episode 13 we see Ryan discovering that Wilfred may not be just... a dog.

cant believe the final season is just two days away!
are you ready for it? I might be the only one out of my friends who is a fan of the show. haha. so ill be having a premiere party by myself!
im excited for tomorrows post.. ill be doing an everyday cosplay of Wilfred :)

tune in Wednesday June 25th at 10pm on FXX!
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  1. i've really been wanting to watch this show, but i've just been putting it off. it sounds super quirky and interesting. so i think you've inspired me to start watching it lol

    1. the show is really different, a bit raunchy and super hilarious!
      i love that Wilfred doesnt really hold back on anything.
      on top of that they have a great cast and some familiar guest stars!
      really good show! :)
      i hope you like it!!