12 Pubs of the Golden Mile

Yesterday i had this idea of adding all the 12 pubs from The Worlds End into one drawing. i started off with something else, threw it away, then came up with this. it was probably one of the most funnest drawings ive ever done. i loved trying to figure out where to put each pub! i think the hardest one to add was the Cross Hands but an idea sparked later on! im pretty satisfied with it! :) i have been wanting to create more Cornetto art and im real happy with this one. now if only i had the guts to ink it. im so afraid ill mess it up =/ haha.

12 Pubs of the Golden Mile:

1. The First Post
2. The Old Familiar
3. The Famous Cock
4. The Cross Hands
5. The Good Companions
6. The Trusty Servant
7. The Two Headed Dog
8. The Mermaid
9. The Beehive
10. The Kings Head
11. The Hole in the Wall
12. The Worlds End


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