Le Tunes : The Drums

im switching up MCM here and there with Music! i actually havent been watching much movies lately, especially new ones *insert extreme sad face here* but i have been listening to music a lot (which is a bit rare for me). i dont listen to the radio (at all) and the only time i get to really listen to music is at work (sometimes). really, all i listen to are The Strokes, The Shins, Phoenix and big band music. i randomly decided to do the radio thing on spotify and basically discovered more music that i love! one of them being.. 
The Drums!

The Drums are from Brooklyn, NY and are made up of Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham with Conner Hanwick and Adam Kessler
ive heard a couple of The Drums songs before but have never paid much attention until i started listening to more of their songs and albums. so, im pretty obsessed now. their sound is sooooo perfect. its like 80's indie pop style. haha. if i could describe their music in a couple words id say.. chill and fun! They're making life quite amazing right now. funny how music can do that! but they (and The Strokes) seem to make me smile throughout the day!
ive put some of my favorite songs of theirs on a playlist on my Spotify if you want to take a listen (below):