Wilfred Week : Ryan Newman (EC) & Season 4

i think this might be my favorite cosplay! i did Ryan from Wilfred and it really was a lot of fun to put together! Ryan is pretty simple. you see him either wearing plain colored shirts or plaid with some converse. i added a messenger bag to represent Ryan's suitcase (the one he always carries around for his job/job interviews). and of course, cant forget the watch!

(beware of season 4 spoilers below)
did you guys watch the premiere last night??? im a little bummed. i missed the second episode and only caught the last 10 minutes of it. *sad faced* but i did watch the first one and OMG was i surprised! Ryan was dreaming the whole time? what! and they ended up coming true o_O so thinking that his dad was dead the whole time to, hes actually alive, oh wait, and dies again. haha kind of crazy! then Ryan finds that photo of that place in his dream. it actually exist! i have to try and find that second episode somewhere online haha. ugh! i had a horrible (actually still have) ear ache yesterday and was so out of it.

on a brighter note........
if you follow me on instagram and twitter, you might have seen my new Wilfred illustration! :) im so happy with how it came out. and guess what? *eeeeeek* both Dorian Brown (Kristen) and Fiona Gubelmann (Jenna) tweeted/retweeted it yesterday!! life complete part 42! haha.

pretty awesome, right!? i freaked out. haha.
so (those of you who watch the premiere) what did you think of both episodes??

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  1. OMG that is so awesome they loved your art! But really what's not to LOVE!! I just finished the final season and loved it!! xx