Took me a while but i finally saw Her (2013). It was quite intriguing when i first saw the previews to this film. i mean, intriguing and interesting. i love movies like this. out of the norm and unexpected! I also wanted to see it because of Joaquin Phoenix. im a huge fan of his and hes really such a fantastic actor. I think this might be my favorite character of his :)

If you havent seen Her, i really suggest you do. i watched it with my brother and brother in law and the both of them were really hard headed about it. haha. they were completely weirded out by the whole story (i mean i'd have to agree, its out of the ordinary). i kept telling them to look past it and see the movie for what it actually is, its creativity! i was so in love with the cinematography, the style, music, the futuristic technology, the incredible acting and.. the story! if this movie was made by any other than Spike Jonze, it probably wouldve been a failure. in my opinion. But it just had that Spike Jonze feel to it!

The story is basically what you see in the previews.. Theodore; a lonely, introverted man, who is going through heartache over a divorce falls in love with his operating system, Samantha, and everything pretty much revolves around that. I love that through it all (having a relationship with the operating system) he becomes different and more alive. more happy. even though the whole idea of dating a computer is just plain weird, i really liked seeing his transformation.

rent the movie and watch it! just fyi, theres a few sexual encounters. haha. even though my niece and nephew were in their rooms, the sound was a bit awkward.. kind of had to do the mute button a few times. haha!

movie: Her 
directed by: Spike Jonze 
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Pratt 
rated: R 
recommend: yes (no kids aloud)
rating: worth a full price ticket (if i had the chance to see it in theaters).



  1. i still haven't seen this movie! joaquin phoenix is one of my favorite actors so I'm surprised i have yet to see it :(

    1. i hope you watch it soon, its so good! :)