sweet tooth

last night I decided to spend some time just getting my creative juices flowing (since ive been pretty off the past 7 or more days). I created cotton candies, ice cream cones, a super girly cornetto trilogy and Mr. Gary King from The Worlds End (who still qualifies under the "sweet tooth" category ;))

I mentioned a while ago that I was going to premier my Fall series in my shop on the 1st of October, which I actually forgot to do yesterday, so they will be posted by tonight :)

have a great Wednesday lovelies!


  1. OMGGGGG I'm so in love with these! <3 __ <3

  2. I love the colour palate you used and the little choc chips on the mint ice cream. So sweet.

  3. You are on a roll, making so many awesome things! Love every single one!

  4. Fun post, love the sweet stuff :)!

    <3 Megan