Gravity + Giveaway(s)

happy Friday everyone! Last night I got to see the movie Gravity in 3D. im not too big on 3D, only because the glasses usually gives me a slight headache =/ but I stuck it out and saw the movie in 3D anyway (ive been hearing a lot of good reviews about it and saying to see it in 3D). Ive got to say, im glad I did! I don't think that movie would be the same if it was seen on the regular screen! That's just my opinion though. if you plan on seeing it, please see it in 3D. you wont be disappointed. (and the winner for writing "3D" a bunch of times in once paragraph goes to.....)!

I really don't like spoiling movies, so theres really not much im gonna say about. other than my anxiety was passed its normal status! haha. it was pretty intense! I think what I loved the most about the film was how real everything looked. the effects & cinematography were off the charts!

(a couple portrait I did of Cam & her fiancé Joe, photo by: Cam)
head on over to Sincerely Cam's blog to enter my giveaway! One lucky winner will win a Custom Couple Portrait by me! :) if you have visited my shop, you might have seen my custom listing of it. Heres your chance to enter and win one for free! yay! Good luck!
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I will also be having two more giveaways next week! all three of my giveaways have different prizes (& all three are hosted by 3 awesome bloggers), so go enter all of them :) I will make a post when the other two are active!
how exciting!

also, my week special in my shop ends tonight at Midnight (cali time, of course)! ;)