off the Hook

1.2 // took a nice walk
3.4 // half selfie & chocolate mousse from starbucks
5.6 // my obsession with Charming and (especially) Hook

i wish i could tell you that my weekend was productive. actually it was quite lazy. full of Once Upon a Time episodes and watching The Purge with my family. It took me a little over a week but im finally caught up on OUAT! I cant help but keep swooning over Charming & Hook. i mean, especially Hook. A man so bad and sexy. *sigh*. even though my weekend was full of fairy tales & people killing others (i did not like the Purge, by the way) i did get to step outside by attending church and later hanging with a good friend. both, unfortunately i have not done in a while. and, it was really nice. lets just hope this week and this weekend coming up is much more productive though. ive been really in the mood to paint!


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