This past week

this past week, well past month and a half, have been incredibly hard on me. but I thought id share the good/fun moments! :)

1 // I re-discovered my love for Easy Cheese! oh my goodness.. haha.
2 // I bought beautiful October flowers for my mom. her birthday was on the 1st.
3 // I wore my adorable heart ring by the lovely Michelle from CreatureType.
4 // the Tweet that im still obsessing over from the verified Wilfred!! I tweeted my doodle and I got a tweet/re-tweet :)
5 // went to LB Steak house for one of my good friends birthday dinner. I know what youre thinking, "who gets chicken at a steak place" haha. simple, I didn't have the money for steak. haha. but man was my Fried Chicken delicious!!
6 // Sunday, we went out for my moms birthday (again). haha. this time my brother joined, so it was all of us together! We ate at a Filipino restaurant called Isla.
7 // Sunday was also my good friends birthday party. I helped her with a Vegas themed party. it was a success. We made/drank Mock Tails and even had a "High Rollers" room for the folks that wanted to play Black Jack. haha. it was seriously a lot of fun :)

*be sure to check out my post, before this one, for a week special in my shop.

Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. I wish we had spray cheese in Australia. It looks so cool!

    1. awww no way :(
      I wish we had Tam Tams! (I think we don't have those here) haha.
      but every time my room mate or my aunt comes back from visiting Australia they always bring Tam Tams! the white chocolate one is soooooooooo yum! haha.

  2. On spray cheese you devil! and yay for the wilfred retweet!