Stripes & Sprinkles

dress - target | cardigan - forever 21 | ice cream brooch (from sweater clips) - sweet and lovely

i have been wanting to do "outfit of the day" post but i never have time to take pictures! Im always rushing to get ready for work in the morning then im stuck here at work, sitting all day. And by the time i get home the light starts to fade away and my room is too dark (not to mention, messy) to take pictures. I shall make it a goal to start waking up early! haha. The dress that im wearing today is one of my favorites. i remember seeing it at Target for the first time and i had no hesitation. i didn't even try it on, i just bought it. it fits perfectly and i love paring it off with different colored cardigans and a brooch :) i think the plus side to OOTD post' is getting dressed pretty in the early mornings. i dress pretty decent but i don't do my make up and hair until the afternoon haha (yeah, i pretty much wake up in time to shower and leave my house for work). That must change.

I am so incredibly happy right now. Yesterday, a lovely customer has purchased one of my paintings. Its not only the fact that it was bought but more of the fact that it will be hanging in their home :) its an incredible feeling when someone wants a piece of your art. im so very thankful and yet a wee bit sad that Winona found a home. I will miss her dearly. But did you know that i still have a bunch more in stock (and more to come)?! click HERE to see them all. My paintings are probably my favorite pieces of work. Painting takes a lot more time and patience for me. i love the fact that i can get the pictures and colors in my head onto a canvas :)

Speaking of pictures and colors, who here watches Once Upon a Time? I remember even before it first started and seeing the trailers for it, it was a show that i knew that i really wanted to see! I saw the Pilot and that was it. Not because i didn't like it but because i was distracted by all sorts of things and forgot all about it. Well, thank you Netflix for having season 1 and 2 because now i can watch them all.. anytime.. anywhere. haha. Ive been having a Once Upon a Time marathon by myself haha and im sooooooo addicted. im at work right now and i cant wait to go home just to watch it! haha. Some of my friends have asked me before if i watch it, now i can say YES! One thing that i really love to do.. is talk about tv shows (and movies) ;)

have a great Wednesday and don't forget to check out my week only special in my shop!

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  1. So great to hear one of your paintings sold :) YAY! Love your ice cream brooch.