New Store Announcement

i decided to switch my shop to  Storenvy, FINALLY.
ive had my Storenvy account for a while now and have been going back and forth to Etsy, trying to figure out what shop would be best.
I have had my Etsy shop for a really long time and Rosalyn's Pretty Things is what everyone knows.. But the pricings have been killing me like crazy and i needed a shop that wasnt going to stress me out.
So far, im really like Storenvy, its pretty neat how you can design your own page and what not.
Another important announcement; i also changed the name of my store to "Pretty Clementine". One of the reasons for that is because "Rosalyn's Pretty Things" was apparently too long? i dont know. But i figured it would be cool to start a fresh new name. Pretty Clementine obviously came from both Rosa Clementine & Rosalyn's Pretty Things, so thats where i got the name :)

In my new store, you will find a bunch of new things. Not just prints, paintings & felt brooches but also accessories and "shop my closet" option.
Im really excited to get everything my shop! I just started it, so getting everything in there will take some time.
I hope you all like the new store!

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