Carl Fredricksen Outfit

So i think im just about done with completing my Carl Fredricksen outfit! ;)
My outfit didnt go entirely as planned, but i kinda like it better! My whole idea was to dress pretty much exactly like him, just with a brown skirt instead of pants and a brown cardigan instead of a blazer.
But i couldnt find any of that =/ So i thought, why not wear just a white dress & brown cardigan?
i found the cardigan at Target, it was a liiiiiittle over my budget but it was the only one i found and i dont have any other brown cardigans. so i bought it :)
the white dress is from Forever 21 and was only $15! its a little short but i had bought a $5 white skirt from Walmart, yippee! The peter pan collar is an add on, i made it out of felt and its detachable.
Of course, a Carl outfit is not complete without the bow tie and glasses! I made the bow tie myself with black fabric i got from Walmart. The glasses are also from Walmart, only $5. The only thing that sucked about the glasses was that i couldnt find any black rim ones. The only one i found was a lime green rim so i bought it anyway. I painted the glasses with mars black acrylic paint then added Mod Podge to seal it. its a bit rusty in the picture because i havent made any touch ups yet, but ill get around to it.
Im pretty much done, only one more thing to do: make the grape soda pin. Which i will get started on right now ;)

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