i finally decided that..

.. my birthday party this Sunday will be a Disneybound/UP party :)
yeah yeah yeah, i have been so indecisive with my birthday plans, haha. Its just this weekend is pretty busy and packed already and i wasnt sure if i was going to actually do anything for my birthday.
SOOOO.. from today till Saturday night i will post some of the process and of course the finishing touches on Sunday :)
I will be going as Carl Fredricksen! My first choice was obviously Roger Rabbit, but since my best friend is making me an UP cake, why not be Carl?! im so excited to see the cake and everyones outfits. Also excited to just hangout and have a good time with my friends.
Not cool that my party lands on a Tuesday this year.. i mean everyone has lives on Tuesdays. haha.
Well, glad that i get to do it on Sunday!

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