Sketch Tuesdays

If you live in the Bay Area and love art.. I suggest you get your booty to the next Sketch Tuesdays! I found out about Sketch Tuesdays through one of the artist I met at the Benefit for Jamie Baker. Sketch Tuesday is held once a month at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. A bunch of local artist are invited to create and post their work and sell them (similar to the benefit). While there last night I found out that anyone can pretty much sketch (just cant sit in the "invited" area) haha. so im hoping to get to draw next time I attend! :)
I had such a great time! everyone was just so chill, drinking a beer, meeting different artist, buying art and just having a good time. I got to purchase art from 3 different artist! Josh Thurman (Mummy with the Mustache), Ben Walker (a caricature of ME) and Donta Santistevan (R2D2 print and Coffee Cup print). I also snagged a *free* drawing and I wish I could remember who the artist was =/

You can find out more info and when the next Sketch Tuesday is -- here!
Hope to see you there! :)



  1. that's cool I think it's always fun when creative people get together :) I have been doing a weekly show and tell with my crafty friend that has been fun we are on our 3rd week :)
    i like the drawings you got your caricature is really fun :)

  2. Sounds like an amazing time! I love the style of artwork. c:


  3. Ahaha, this is so exciting. I see my art there on the wall! That is such a strange and cool feeling!
    I was there with Josh, Donta and a few other people. Do you plan on going to the next one on the 11th?


    1. sooooo your work is seriously amazing! I remembered your name.. I actually almost bought one of your drawings but ran out of money! hahah. I hope to make it to the next one :) praying that i find a ride! haha

    2. I just realized that you are the one the got my cupcake!! I am so slow!! I am glad you like my stuff, I think your art is super darling. I love your line work. And fingers crossed that you get a ride!! :)

    3. and by cupcake I mean pink doughnut painting.. ughh.. words.