Disneyland - February

this valentines and presidents weekend was spent at the happiest place on earth!
I truly love Disneyland so much that I decided to........
get an Annual Pass!
its seriously worth the money. I get to pay monthly and get discounts on food and merch!
I got to finally ride the Cars ride for the first time!
I think its probably one of the best!
I was so amazed at the whole entire ride, how it looks so much like the animation.
I was highly impressed! I couldn't contain my amazement..
there were a ton of "omg" "wow" "are you serious!?" haha.
the trip was so much fun! the only downfall was the fact that I got NO sleep at all.
like, AT ALL. no exaggeration. so I was completely dead the whole day.
another, I will be wearing comfortable shoes next time. my feet and legs are
still killing me. haha. and last but not least.. I will be purchasing one of those
portable chargers. I don't know why but Disneyland has this sort of force
field that does not let you have reception (no matter what carrier you have) and drains your battery!
at the end of the night I ended up with 1% on my phone. I only used it for a couple
hours in the morning and that was it and saved the 5% to take photos of the fireworks. haha.
So, i didn't get to take pictures of a lot of things!
Disneyland, please fix this.
I think they should definitely offer some sort of wifi, I don't even care
if I have to pay a tad more.. let me use my phone!! haha.
i want to go back next month but i know for sure i will be going back in April!
For my birthday :) yay!
 So, i have been sucking so bad at blogging lately.
i hit some sort of "bloggers-block" and then i got super sick
which made me not want to do anything at all.
I should be posting more of my drawings on here but you can find all of them
on my instagram : @rosaclementine



  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I loved your outfit (even if your legs hurt from your shoes). :)

  2. Awesome photos! I would get a season pass if I lived closer to any Disney! I've only been once in my entire life and it just wasn't enough. I'm happy you had fun and now that you have the season pass, you should be going ALL. THE. TIME. haha! Your outfit is super cute, too!

    xoxo, Kerri

  3. That looks like so much fun! I am in Aus, but am heading tot he USA in May to go do Disney. Its seems like every page I visit at the moment the blogger has been there, I am getting so excited!