Current Favorites

Yeah, im not very good at bloggin on Weekends. Its usually relaxing or busy! So just FYI. haha. Here are some of my current favorites:
  • I found this quote on Pinterest on Friday and i seriously died laughing! I posted it onto my instagram and everyone got a kick out of it as well! haha. Its a quote from the comedien Emily Heller.
  •  So, a couple days after the NKOTB package tour.. i bought their new album "10". OMG, im kinda in love with it. I think "Survive You" is my favorite song from the album. If youre a NKOTB fan or just boy band crazy, check out some of their songs on Spotify or Youtube. I recommend "Remix"!
  • heres something super adorable that i found on Pinterest! I love it! Im eager to find a cart and paint it *pink*!
  • a friend of mine told me about eShakti a while ago and i thought it was the coolest site for customized dresses, tops and skirts! If you didnt already know, im Apostolic Pentecostal annnnd its really hard to find shirts with sleeves up to my elbow and for a 5'7'' girl to find a skirt to go below my knees.. i mean, why do all these awesome clothing stores have so many short skirts?? Im pretty sure that theyre getting shorter every year =/. This site is pretty pricey for me.. but im thinking of saving and getting this skirt sometime soon! One thing for sure though... i gotta start learning how to sew. haha.


  1. Haha that quote cracked me up! That's so me. I have been wanting to get a skirt from eShakti too...but have yet to save the money. Hopefully I can get one of their cute skirts later on this year!


    1. haha! The quote is kinda amazing! My life! =P
      I hope you save enough money for one of eShakti skirts! :)