Big Eyes

So being a Tim Burton fan i thought id make a post about his new film coming out next year. Im pretty excited about this one seeing as he will be directing a film about the artist Margaret Keane and her husband Walter Keane. The film is called "Big Eyes". Those of you who dont know Margaret Keane's work, im sure you have seen those paintings of little girls and children with the intensely big eyes (seen in the photo above). Its pretty hypnotic and a tad creepy (in a good way). The film is suppose to surround the story of Margaret and her husband Walter, about their divorce and over the rights to the paintings. It will be interesting to see the story in film and exciting to see the paintings in the film as well. Amy Adams will portray Margaret and Christoph Waltz as Walter, i think theyre a perfect pair of fanastic actors! Im also excited that Jason Schwartzman and Krysten Ritter will be in the film as well, i love the both of them!
for more about the movie here are some links: