Hollywood Trip: Part 2

we arrived in Hollywood at around 3pm on that Friday, rested then pretty much just walked around Hollywood and Highland at night. No photos were taken since i didnt bring my iphone with me. So instead i have photos from the hotel and Saturday. We stayed at the W hotel. Wow, i mean wow. I cant believe how "Hollywood" that place was. haha. The hotel was beautiful, clean and party central. At night they'd have parties in the lobby and they had a rooftop pool area. When my friends and i went to check it out everyone there looked like they stepped out of the tv show 90210 (new one). haha. No joke. I could honestly say that i did not fit in whatsoever. We couldnt get into the pool area because we forgot our ID's in our room (i didnt know we needed them), probably because there were bars and such. So i was glad to turn my butt around and head back down to the room.... and stay there. haha.

 Saturday morning we were in need of coffee. LA's "starbucks" is The Coffee Bean. First timer! I got the Iced Vanilla Latte. it was super delicious AND im in love with the ice. haha. It was like crushed ice. haha. Im a fan.

Driving to the Coffee Bean, we passed by this huge poster board on the WB studios. OMG. duh, picture time.

Well as you can see in the photos above we had a great Saturday afternoon! We got the VIP tour tickets to the Warner Bros. Studio. If you are ever planning a trip to LA and love movies and tv, plan on going to a studio tour! The Warner Bros. Studio tour tickets were pretty afforable! Check out their site and plan your trip! I got to see a ton of neat things and it will forever be burried in my memory haha. I have a TON of pictures and will probably make this Hollywood trip to part 4 or 5, maybe even 6. Stay tuned...


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