a peak into my workshop

Heres a little peak into my workshop. I say little because the rest of my work shop is a mess, haha, and if youre thinking this is a mess, nope! I love toys, pictures and inspirations all around me. I tried to do that "clean" stuff.. a simple photo here, toys hidden in my book shelf and what not. But i seem to go back to "clutter" haha.
Sitting here and looking at these photos right now has made me think that.. wow, im such a kid! haha! :)
Hope you liked a little peak into my room. I would do a little tour of the rest, but its such a mess. haha. Tomorrow is the fourth of July! which means the traditional BEACH DAY! yup! since 4-5 years ago my friends and i have made it a tradition to head over to Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz. I will take lots of pictures and post them next week. Along with..... Hollywood photos. Yep, Hollywood. I will be heading to Hollywood Friday morning for the weekend and im so excited! I cant wait to post pictures!
Hope you all have a lovely fourth of July and WEEKEND! x


  1. your workshop is so inspiring! a little clutter is always a good thing :) have fun at the beach tomorrow!

    Little Blue Backpack

    1. thank you so much! haha :) i had a great time at the beach, thank you! hope you had a good Fourth of July/weekend!

  2. Soo many rad things. I love all the vinylmations and the super awesome delorean. Such an inspiring place to work i bet... and also a little distracting. Hahaha