Hollywood Trip: Part 1

For my fourth of July weekend my friends and i made a trip to good ol (and extremely busy) Hollywood. I gotta say, i really had a lot of fun! Our first stop of the adventure was to Pismo beach. I actually have never been before so it was really exciting for me. We ate at a place called Splash, which is famous for its clam chowder. And yes, i got the clam chowder haha. Apparently its the place to be, because after we left there was a HUGE line outside. We got there just in time. After Splash we decided to just walk around and check out the beach. We probably spent a good time just watching the waves and surfers. It was a nice break from the rode.
and yes, the clam chowder was VERY delicious.

Then it was my turn to drive! Did i mention we drove my friends parents BMW to Hollywood? We rode in style and definitely in pain, haha, i didnt find it too comfortable. But thats just me.
More of my Hollywood trip will be added soon! :)


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