NKOTB: The Package Tour

So Friday the 12th was the night i dub theed the completion of my life. ok, not really but OMG was it amazing. I got to FINALLY see New Kids on the Block in concert! I also got to see my long time crush Joey Mcintyre in the flesh.. and from afar. haha. NKOTB has this Package Tour going on with BoyzIIMen and 98 Degrees! Performances from both boy bands were truly amazing! I like BoyzIIMen but was never a big fan, 98 Degrees on the other hand i was a sucker for when i was in middle school. haha. Seeing them perform brought back so many memories! Drew Lachey was my favorite. ok, back to NKOTB.. yeah.. theyre much older now but wow can they still dance and sing! I thought Prince was my favorite in concert but being a long time NKOTB fan annnnd seeing what kinda show they put on has definitely changed my mind! Loved their performance to pieces! Next time im saving up for better seats though, we got the nose bleed seats! haha. Which was honestly, better than nothig ;)
 98 Degress with Nick Lachey on the screen *swoon*
98 Degrees, once more!
Break time before a 2 hour show of NKOTB.

 Joey sang "Please Dont Go Girl"! my favorite part of the concert! He killed it!!!

I had a ton of fun! and i seriously cant wait to see them AGAIN! :) Now if only Nsync would get back together.. *sigh*

Found this video below of Joey singing Please Dont Go Girl from the concert i went to:


  1. I am soo jealous of you. The concert with the Backstreet Boys sold out so quick in Australia.

    1. I was so mad when my friends went to the NKOTBSB concert when they were here in San Jose! haha there was no way I was gonna miss this concert! Theyre so amazing live annnnnd sexy haha :)