Art Lately

i really wish i could say that i have new art lying around. but i dont. and that makes me really sad. in fact, im actually behind on custom orders so creating new art is going to take a while. i knew that time was going to be very limit once i started my second job but not only that, it has made me super exhausted. when i get home from a full day of work (7:30am-9:45pm) all i want to do is EAT, read a comic or watch a 30 minute tv show and go to bed. haha. this is where i really have to try to get stuff done when im not working at the coffee shop. energy is much needed!!! so, anyone waiting for their custom order, thank you for being so patient with me. also, to everyone and anyone! i have this coupon code for 10% off orders over $5+ that sends to your email when you purchase from my shop. in case you havent been getting it, its: ROSA10. ;)
happy shopping! x


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