i love television

you guys! its almost Fall! which means.. my favorite tv shows are coming back. i already dislike summer and then to take away my shows the entire season, its just complete torture. haha. Luckily i had Wilfred to keep me company but i have been terribly missing my other favorites! I already know that i probably wont even get to watch these when they premiere (work), but thank God, i have Hulu (+). hehe.

The Mindy Project. Mindy Kaling is one of my most favorite human beings and when i found out she was having her own tv show, of course i had to watch it. So, you can call me a die hard fan of this show. before this, i watched New Girl but once Jess and Nick got together the stories became "meh" and i lost interest. All of my attention just went straight to Mindy! haha.
My favorite character(s): Morgan! :)
Tuesday / September 16 / FOX

The Vampire Diaries. if you didnt already know im a pretty huge fan of TVD. to the point where i went to the convention a couple years ago in San Francisco. i nearly passed out once Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Paul Wesley (Stefan) took the stage. that reminds me, i still need to document that day here on my blog. haha. They have been having the same convention throughout the entire year and the closest one to me is the one in September in Las Vegas (!!!) but looks like i wont be attending this time *tear*. Season 6 will have to do and i absolutely cannot wait. i actually have not seen the last episode of season 5 still.. i just didnt want it to end and have to wait so dang long for the next season. p.s. TVD > Twilight. psh!
My favorite character(s): Lexi (RIP) and Stefan.
Thursday / October 2 / 7pm / CW

Once Upon a Time. i love this show sooooo much! i find it so awesome that these fairy tale/disney characters are apart of the real world. its pretty genius! it almost feels like theyre actually real. haha. Also, one of the things i love is that they tweak some of the stories and some of the characters. If you watch OUAT you know that theyre bringing in the Frozen characters in the new season. im not a huge fan of the movie but im pretty excited to see a live action version of them. oh and thank God the show isnt a musical, haha. Most Sunday nights i spend over at my sisters house, we'll watch OUAT and right after that we watch... (next photo/show below).
My favorite character(s): this is kind of a tough one because there is so many. my currents are; Hook and Robin Hood.
Sunday / September 28 / 8pm / ABC

The Walking Dead. my sister and her husband are long time Walking Dead fans, so every time i would go over, they would be watching it (they would record the shows and watch them together when my bro-in-law would have to work on Sunday nights). but i didnt get into the show until a year ago (when my friends would have Walking Dead nights at their house). because i had already seen most of the episodes before, i started getting into it! BUT, funny thing.. i cant really watch the show by myself.. haha. yeah, im kind of a pansy. haha. Im excited for the premiere of Walking Dead but i think its kind messed up that they would make us wait this long =/
My favorite character(s): Maggie (she was also apart of the TVD clan, known as: Rose) ;)
Sunday / October 12 / 9pm / AMC

What are your favorites?


  1. Call me crazy, but as I got older I became less interested in television. o.o
    The last show I followed was True Blood, but the ending was so disappointing. -___-
    BUT the only show (and I literally mean only) that I'm following/ watching is Sailor Moon Crystal! I know it's not on t.v, but I've been a huge Sailor Moon fan as a kid and I'm really into this new remake which follows the manga better. :)


  2. I love The Walking Dead, but haven't watched the others. We just started watching Orange is the New Black and its surprisingly good!
    Laura @ www.laughteriscatching.com

  3. I'm excited for new shows :)
    I love Mindy :)