Man Crush Monday : Kevin Zegers

blue eyes and dark hair were truly my thing when i was a little girl. well, still is ;) So, for todays Man Crush Monday.. i introduce to you my other childhood crush, Kevin Zegers! once i saw Kevin in Air Bud it was over for me. those eyes, that smile.. done for! After Air Bud i kind of forgot all about Kevin... until... Gossip Girl! =O Gossip Girl is (or was) one of my favorite shows so when Kevin joined the cast as Damien Daalgard (the druggie/drug dealer) i was soooo flippin happy! he looked even more handsome older! *swoon* nowadays you can find him in the film, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (which i still have not seen because i heard it wasnt that great, but will probably end up watching it in the near future). i hope to see him do some big things soon.. he really is such a handsome dude and a pretty good actor.


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    1. isnt he just handsome!
      by the way.. i nominated you for a Liebster Award :)