How i met a new favorite show

How i Met Your Mother has been the talks for years and i never really wanted to give it a shot. i dont know why but it just never screamed "watch me!" but i have always been curious to know who in the world is this "mother" haha. So, the other day i ended up watching the very first episode and the very last (well, i think it was the last?), so.. i finally know what the title means and who the "mother" is. haha. The show has recently been added to the Nick@Night Television line up, which i wasnt too happy about, untillllll... last night i woke up from a nap and it was playing on tv. i just woke up watching it and ended up watching a bunch of episodes before i went to bed. i knew it would be funny but not so much "laugh out loud", im pretty sure i woke someone up from all the laughs i had, haha! i am now a fan! i will be watching from the beginning now (yay for Netflix!) and hopefully get a bunch of episodes in before my shows start up again! :)


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  1. This is one of my fave shows evvverrr! ^__^ So glad you've given it a try, but kinda sad now the ends ruined for you haha!
    I wont lie, I cried at the last ep!

    Jemma xx :)