The Nutty Professor (1963)

i got to see The Nutty Professor (1963) in theaters yesterday. Cinemarks likes to play old school movies here and there for about three days or so. i went searching on Fandango for a movie to watch with my niece and noticed The Nutty Professor playing! my chance to see Jerry Lewis on the big screen?! YES PLEASE!

you may be familiar with the 1996 remake with Eddie Murphy. in my opinion i think they could have done better with that film. its based off the original with a bunch of tweaks and definitely a different feel to the remake. i never really enjoyed it as much. maybe if they had toned it down a bit? different leading actor? i dont know but if youre going to remake a classic, at least make it GOOD. haha.

The Nutty Professor is about a college chemistry professor named Julius Kelps (Jerry Lewis). buck-tooth, accident-prone, nerdy kinda man. always getting picked out, even by the jocks! Given the impression that women like the hunky-hipster type of men, Julius whips up a potion to make him more attractive in hopes of winning the affection of his crush/student, Stella Purdy (Stella Stevens). His transformation makes him a smooth and handsome sleaze ball, who went by the name of Buddy Love. Turns out, Stella would prefer a man like the old professor. As Professor Julius' potion wears off, he is suddenly caught in center stage having stunned the crowed. in the end, he realizes he doesnt want to be something he is not.

it was cool taking my 14 year old niece to see this film in the theaters. what made it great was that we were the only ones in the theater and she really enjoyed the film. i know i very much enjoyed the film. why would i ever miss a chance to see Jerry on the screen!? hehe.

movie: The Nutty Professor (1963)
directed by: Jerry Lewis
starring:  Jerry Lewis, Stella Stevens, De Moore.

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  1. I haven't see nutty professor with Jerry since I was a teenager. He is such a hilarious actor and I really used to love his films. I might watch it this weekend.