Wilfred : Resistance/Happiness (Spoilers)

so, its been a week since Wilfred ended and im still feeling all sorts of sadness. i really cant believe one of my most favorite tv shows is over! maybe ill get over it when Mindy Project, Once Upon a Time and the Vampire Diaries starts up again. haha. but for now, all i want is my Wilfie back. Watching the last two episodes was really hard for me. i actually watched it on Saturday because i just didnt want it to end. haha. Like with TVD, i actually didnt watch the last episode of season 5 until two months later because i knew i wouldnt be seeing them again until October. yeah, i take my shows seriously. haha. i guess theyre like books to me. i get attached to the characters and the stories that i start to get emotional about them.

Back to Wilfred, if you didnt see the last two episodes and dont want to know a thing then beware of spoilers.. right about.. now...

Episode 9 and 10 of Season 4 were both featured as the finale episodes on Wednesday. Like every Wilfred episode, it starts off with a quote. Episode 9 Resistance: "Resistance is Useless" - Doctor Who (oh how i wish i watched Doctor Who). At the end of episode 8 we find out that Wilfred officially has lung cancer and we finally see Ryan and Jenna together! i actually thought it wasnt going to happen. but it did. they hooked up and she said she wasnt going to hurt him anymore. Episode 9 was really heavy in my heart. We had to sit back and watch Wilfred get put down (they showed the real dog, which i was actually so happy to see!) and we also saw the end of Ryan and Jenna's relationship (i knew it was too good to be true). His love for the girl next door wasnt real and i loved how he told her off. oh and Drew buying a new puppy right after Wilfie's death? too soon buddy! Throughout the episode i began to notice Ryans transformation. In the beginning Ryan tries to commit suicide and is this "pathetic loser" afraid to take chances. During this episode, Ryan has become more aware of things around him, more comfortable with himself and more assertive. thats what i loved about Wilfred. even though he got Ryan into trouble sometimes, he gave Ryan adventures.

Episode 10 Happiness: "Happiness does not to depend on outward things, but on the way we see them." - Leo Tolstoy. The quote fit so perfectly with the last episode. During this episode we finally find the answers. im not sure what exactly was the answer i was looking for but it was right in front of us the whole time. Wilfred was simply part of Ryan's mental illness. Which also explains his attempt to commit suicide once again. During the final episode, Ryan finds all the answers. His dad not being his real dad and his real dad being a cult leader of the Flock of the Grey Shepard. Ryan then finds out that Wilfred is just not real and everything that Wilfred "made him do" or all the "tricks" he did was just all Ryan himself.. He discards Wilfred from his life and in the end he realizes how much he misses him and needs him. At the end we see Ryan and Wilfred (man in the dog suit not the actual dog) together once again.

i think the ending was just perfect. the fact that Ryan accepted himself and brought Wilfred back into his life. Im still sad that real dog Wilfred is dead but i happy to know the imaginary man is still around. like ive said before, im so sad this show ended but really happy it even existed. haha. Elijah Wood and Jason Gann were the perfect duo and i hope to see them both in another show (or movie) in the future. Also, i feel like Jason Gann should be more famous than he actually is! that guys is genius and super freakin hilarious.
Kudos to David Zuckerman for developing a great show! You did an amazing job, sir!

p.s. the artwork featured above is my fan art! Fun fact: my Wilfred and Bear illustration was retweeted by the Wilfred official Twitter (OMG) and the watercolor one i did of the cast (bottom right) was retweeted by Fiona (Jenna) and Dorian (Kristen)! they also tweeted me which was awesome! that was my ultimate FAN GIRL moment! that and the time Edgar Wright retweeted and then tweeted me! *dead*

thanks for reading! i hope you enjoyed the finale episodes as well as the entire 4 seasons! x


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