added a new print to shop! BACK TO THE FUTURE! BTTF is my favorite movie, ever (first one being my very favorite)! i cant even tell you how many times ive seen the trilogy. i remember one summer, i slept over my cousins house and all we did was watch BTTF. no joke, after it was over, we started it over from the beginning. this went on, everyday.. morning to night. haha. crazy kids, huh!? ;) but anyways, i have been wanting to make BTTF art to add to my shop but havent had much time. usually nights before a day i have to work all day, ill go to bed super early. but my mind was just in creative mode and i really wanted to get this one done and added to my shop! so i went to bed at 1am =/ which i kind of regret because i only got 4 and half hours of sleep and im currently at work fighting to stay awake. on top of that i have work at the coffee shop until 9ish pm. im only complaining at the fact that i need sleep. and food. other than that.. i really like how my BTTF print came out. its super simple but i think its quite fun! hope you guys like it too! you can get it here!



  1. I absolutely love your work and your blog is great! I featured you in my Friday Faves :)

    Kassandra | The Desert Poppy

  2. cute! i think the movies and things that you love make the best illustrations :)