Fassy Friday & Favorites

Happy Fassy Friday! Seriously, this face makes Fridays the best (well, any day actually!) haha.

Who's on First: as ive mentioned in my Twilight Zone post, Spotify has the TZ radio dramas available. well, they also have comedies as well (this is why i prefer Spotify over Pandora!). Spotify has a section called "word" under Genre & Moods. its probably my favorite section! they have my favorite "Sci-Fi Radio Dramas" and "Old School Laughs" - which includes Abbott & Costello! you can listen to them, here!

Time Machine to the 90's: im such a fan of Kate! she is always creating the cutest/coolest things ever. (i mean, i recently purchased some pins from her new shop, Your Fan Club, and they are so cute!). Kate posted about this new product on her blog and i remember seeing it on her Instagram. i wondered whatever happened to it and well, its now listed in her online shop, Sweet & Lovely! after reading her blog post, i IMMEDIATELY purchased my own Time Machine to the 90's! haha. im so excited to get it! :)

Parlor Tattoos: another artist that i recently followed on Instgram, @parlor_tattoo_prints! holy cow! no words to describe this womans talent! her work is incredible and i immediately fell in love with her Shaun of the Dead piece! which, in fact, i will be getting a tattoo of (after i purchase the print of course)! im so excited! my love for Simon Pegg and Shaun of the Dead on me forever? heck yes! you can visit Quyen's Etsy shop, here!

Cuteness Craving for Embroidery: so, i recently found this amazinggggg artist on Instagram (@iggystarpup) and im so in love with her work. i mean, check out those Simpson embroidery hoops! are you kidding me!? its LEGIT. i love her feed and im just in awe of her craftsmanship! check out her Etsy shop, here! she also does custom orders!

Anything Pizza, i love!: gosh, im so in love with everything Jenny & Aaron create! they are the talented duo (Everyday is a Holiday) that did this deliciously looking cheese pizza die cut! seriously? that looks so real! haha. and they are packaged in pizza boxes? is that not fun or what? you can purchase your slice in there online shop, here! whatever you prefer, the classic pepperoni or the classic plain cheese! now im hungry..

The Place is Here, The Time is Now: i really cant obsess enough over The Twilight Zone! and im really sorry if it gets annoying, haha. but please take the time to watch some episodes. Hulu + has all the seasons! :)

Cazz's Rufio Moment: i loved seeing Cazz' Rufio Cosplay process on her Instagram! She posted her time at Oz ComicCon on her blog - Nerd Burger - and im seriously so happy for her.. she got to meet Dante Basco! whaaaaat? i watched her Vlog about it too and i was totally feeling her excitement! thats probably how i would feel meeting Simon Pegg :)

My Opera Singer: another favorite would be that George Komsky tweeted me back on Twitter (@georgekomsky) and followed me on Instagram, haha. i kinda freaked out a bit. i mean, ive become a fan of his after seeing him sing. sooooooo... im pretty darn happy! :)

hope you all have a great friday/weekend! x



  1. Thank you so much for including me in your favourites. I am so happy you enjoyed my video. :) I still can't believe I met him.

  2. Glad you're diggin' the Simpsons hoops! I have to make more now :D