Talk Art : Your Fan Club

i wanted to shine light on Kate's new Etsy shop, Your Fan Club! ive mentioned Kate a bunch of times in my blog.. im sucha fan of hers :) when i first saw her blog post about her new shop, i immediately fell in love with the pins and ended up purchasing: Vincent, Charlie, Pizza and a Dole Whip fan club pin! i just saw today that she had updated her shop and added more! like Tom Hiddleston and Rod Serling (i bought both today!) OMG! Im patiently waiting if she would ever add Fassy, Simon Pegg and/or Elijah Wood! *squeeling* which brings me to this....

Kate not only offers four pins for the price of $20 (WHICH IS A SUPER GOOD DEAL) but she also offers custom fan club pins! =O so, maybe ill get to have a Fassy pin after all! haha

whatever youre a fan of, im sure youll find it in her shop! go get one and join the club! x



  1. I've seen these before!! And you got the two that I would wear. lol!
    I love Charlie and Vincent! ^.^

  2. I hoep you get your Fassy pin. So rad. I want the Vincent Price one. :)