Weekend Recap

still, have not seen any new films. major bummer. Guardians of the Galaxy comes out this friday and i realllllly hope i get to see it. i will actually be working both my full-time and part-time job that day and wont be getting off till 9:45ish pm. haha. i dont even care if im tired, i need to go see it. Speaking of part-time job, if you follow me on Instagram you already know where my second job lies. yes, i now work at Peets Coffee and Tea! yay. All that time spent there i get offered a job. its pretty sweet! im both excited and nervous. nervous because im actually the shyest person you will ever meet. haha. i just have to pull it together to talk to customers. the funny thing is i applied there when it first opened in my town but didnt get the job. haha.

you might have also seen the recent video i did of the surfer dude, surfing to The Drums song "Let's Go Surfing". it was my entry to the This is Ground x Grado contest on Instagram! i had fun making that one but did it pretty quick. there was a bunch of details i wanted to add.

i bought two new toy this Saturday (i would have bought more but they didnt have the Funko Pop i wanted). i didnt feel too bad buying Cap because he was actually on clearance. i really shouldnt be buying toys, so when its on sale i dont feel too bad. haha. The Mark Hamill Simpsons toy on the other hand.. it was not on sale but i just really HAD to get it. haha.

My friend celebrated her birthday at a place called Grill 'em Steak House in Campbell, Ca. it was pretty cool sports bar. the whole cooking your steak thing was weird to me at first but when we did it, it was actually pretty fun. i have actually never grilled a steak before so i was a bit worried. it came out good! but next time ill take it off a litttttle bit sooner. i like mine rare to medium rare. hehe.

this weekend was sooooooooooooo hot that i spent my Sunday at home. no tv on (surprisingly), just music and drawing (and coffee). i dont know about you guys but i really hate summer. its the worst for me, walking outside is just torture. im really looking forward to the fall/winter sooo badly. hurrrrrrry!

yeah! Home-I-Con was pretty much me the entire time Comic Con was happening. i think i almost cried like 30,000 times and actually cried like 5 times from peoples post's and pictures. so torturous. haha. i was also searching forever for that little Batman vs Superman teaser trailer and finally found it. haha. i cant wait for it! Gal Gadot looks sooooo gorgeous as Wonder Woman! Also, i know theres a new Walking Dead teaser floating around too.. i refuse to watch it! i just cant watch it, get excited and still have to wait!! October is so dang far!! haha.

i read the Nerdy Girlies SDCC post' and im pretty jealous of her photo with Elijah Wood =P here i go again, crying.... haha. im so happy for her though! and everyone else that had a great time! ill see you guys next year, FOR SURE!  xx

oh and heres my video of the Surfer dude.....

i used the #partypartyapp



  1. good luck with your jobs & don't worry, i feel your pain about not being able to attend Comic Con. hopefully next year! love the blog!

    xoxo, Oleah