Chris Botti

i got to attend my first concert at the Montalvo Arts Center. i always hear about the place but have never been! i think a year ago or so there was a concert there that i wanted to attend, Randy Newman! ugh. but i didnt get to go *sad face*. the other night my friend text me if i still wanted to go to the Chris Botti concert, i said yes! why not! Montalvo? jazz music? live music? im there! ive heard some of Chris Botti's music before but dont listen to him religiously. my friend on the other hand, loves him! anyways, it really was a night of first for me! Montalvo and Chris Botti. i really wish i snapped some shots of the mansion but i really had no time. i want to take a day, go back and just photograph that gorgeous place.what i loved most about the concert in Montalvo was how personal it felt. it was a pretty small theater area and i loved how the stage was just so close to everyone.
i was seriously gushing at all the musicians and guest singers! i cant even begin to tell you how incredibly talented these people are. the first to appear was Caroline Campbell (sounds like a beautiful old school hollywood actress, huh?) well, she was very beautiful and the most talented Violinist ive ever seen/heard! so incredible. she had a solo that just blew my mind and ended with a standing ovation. second was Sy Smith! i mean.. i cant even begin to describe this womans voice. maybe, EFFORTLESS. and im really not exaggerating. please take the time to listen to Sy (and Caroline)! you will not be disappointed! Once Sy set stage, everyone immediately fell in love with her. not only with her voice but just.. HER. she was so spunky and fun! i would love to see her again! third on stage was the handsome George Komsky! an opera singer with a beautiful voice. George has performed the national anthem at the ATT Park as well as the San Francisco 49ers (HOLLA!) vs the New England Patriots game (in 2012?). it was that football game where Chris Botti discovered George and contacted him to become apart of his tour. so awesome! i must also mention how AMAZING the entire band was. Billy Kilson (drummer) was so BAD ASS.
at the end of the concert everyone seemed so quick to leave (maybe to catch the shuttle? but there really was no time limit for it. or maybe that the crowd was a bit older? haha. no idea). but my friend and i (along with like 20 or so people) stayed while we watched the techs clean up the equipment on stage, the line to the shuttle grow and uploaded photos onto our instagram. my friend had seen Chris Botti at Montalvo before and mentioned that he came out in the back to sign autographs. so we waited and im pretty sure all those folks that left had no clue about it. haha. so we went to the restroom and then made our way to where Chris Botti was. my goal the entire night was to get a photo with George Komsky. even standing 2 feet from him i just couldnt get myself to interrupt his conversations. so i waited and waited. but, FAILED :( i did, however, get my autograph from Chris and so did my friend. she also got a photo with him! at that time i was bummed about not getting my photo with George that getting one with Chris wouldnt have been the same. haha. lame, i know.

it was a really great night! i really want to attend another concert at Montalvo and to also see Chris Botti again!! i made a Chris Botti sample playlist on my Spotify if you want to take a listen, here!


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