Art Lately

if youre following me on Instagram, youve already seen the art work above :) the painting of Buster was a gift for one of my friends (hes moving back to Sweden on Monday *sad faced*). so i really wanted to gift him something special. his favorite character from Arrested Development is.. Buster! i kind of love how it turned out so im making prints of him soon! the Rod Serling painting was one that i did this week! im a serious Twilight Zone nerd so it was only a matter of time till i did some fan art :) i still have the original but i also made some prints available in my shop, here. have you ever been so proud and happy with how your art turned out? this is one of them for me. i really like my Rod painting. haha. the middle photo is a painting im working on you know who it is?.............. its Brick (Steve Carell) from Anchorman. haha. i love his character so much in that movie! im also in the process of working on a Detroit Rock City (one of my most favorite films) painting. ahhh. im so excited. these ideas are killing me though, i didnt realize how behind i am on customs. i hope no one hates me =/ anyway, im trying to get a ton of work done before i start my second job! wish me luck :)

who would you like me to paint??



  1. Cute! I really love your style. :)
    I used to draw so much, but I just stopped; started sewing again, blogging, and babysitting!
    I'm secretly a very big fan of Sailor Moon. I say secretly because I don't really show it, but I'm always watching the old episodes; I'll be watching the new Sailor Moon Crystal ones soon. ;)
    So any type of Sailor Moon art makes me blush with happiness! ^.^

    1. :) haha!
      i think i will do a Sailor Moon series! i havent watched the new ones but i was a huge fan when i was younger! xx

  2. I absolutely love the way Rod Sterling looks! I may have to get a print for myself. I think you should do a Walt Disney portrait. It would look so great in your style!

    1. thank you so much! <3
      took your advice on Walt and making him as a giveaway! yay!

  3. You are so talented! I am a huge fan of the Twilight Zone. I love the Rod piece.